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22 July 2011 ~ 2 Comments

LG Thrill 4G Release Date (Optimus 3D US)

I don’t know if any of you guys as my readers are phone nerds like I am, but I’ve been rocking this iPhone 4 since pre-order last year, and basically.. I’m over it.

It seems like the iPhone has been consistantly 1-2 yrs behind technology with every release, and after I purchased by Samsung Galaxy Tab, I feel in love with Android.  It’s everything I jailbroke my iOS devices so they could do.

The LG Thrill 4G WAS the worlds first 3D phone, and was going to be the first US 3D phone before Evo beat them to the punch, but that’s ok.. what HTC can do.. everyone else can do better..

The LG Thrill is the first phone with Dual Processor, Dual Channel, Dual Memory.

What this means is that normally if you have mutliple processors, they are still going through the same 1 channel into the memory, creating a bottleneck, but with multiple channels there isn’t just 1 way to the memory, it has multiple channels and almost operates as though it were 2 seperate complete systems, connected together, alleviating the bottleneck and enhancing it’s speeds.

AT&T has been quiet on the LG Thrill Release date and info.. until today..

Engadget leaked the story this afternoon from Radio Shack, where you can start preording the device now.  The radio shack today was trying to tell me it wasn’t available yet, but being my stubborn self they eventually checked their resources and saw that it was in fact now available for pre order.

Early leaks anticipated a July release date, however this phone will be available in the US beginning August 7th.

Yep, Sunday August 7th will be the day you and I can get our hands on this bad ass dual channel, glasses free 3d 4.3″ android device. This device also takes 3d photos and records 3d video at 720p or 2d video at 1080p with an hdmi output

Starting at only $79.99 or $550 without a contract or upgrade, though likely to increase post launch. Pre orders require purchase of a $50 Radio Shack Gift Card which can of course be used towards the phone when it does release on August 7th.

UPDATE: As of July 29th Radio Shack & AT&T Have postponed release of this handset until August 21st. AT&T Has announced the price of $99 while Radio Shack announced it at $79.99.  Radio Shack has not made any indication of a price increase to $99.99 to align with AT&T’s pricing, so we will have to wait and see.
UPDATE: As of August 17th, Radio Shack & AT&T have yet again postponed the release date until September 4th.

So there you have it.  Have you been eyeballing the LG Thrill 4g? What do you think about it?

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06 July 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Google + Reviewed – First Impressions & Screen Shots

So Yep, I’ve got my hands on a Google + Invite.  This is yet another in a long stream of attempts by Google to infiltrate the social media marketplace.  Will this one work? Who knows.  It will take a lot to compete with such a huge established user base such as Facebook, but if anyone can do it, it’s Google, especially by making it feel so familiar.

Google + Features a familiar interface with 3 columns.  It feels a lot like facebook but with the signature google minimalistic appearance.  It has your normal feed in the middle that can be seperated by lists, or as Google calls them ‘Circles.’  Everything is shared with individual circles.  Something cool is the hangout feature which allows you to video chat with multiple people simultaneously as a group.  The profile is pretty standard too, a section with your Posts, About, Photos, Videos, and imports from Google Buzz.  Though something unique is that it also lists and displays things you have +1’d.

It’s a pretty standard Social Network with all the pertinent features you would want in a social network, and some neat things I probably wouldn’t use (Hangout) and some that will make life easier like organizing lists via their Circles interface, or being able to edit posts.  Will it beat Facebook? I doubt it, but only time will tell.

Google+ Stream

Google+ Photos

Google+ Profile

Google+ Circles








If you can’t wait to get your hands on Google+ I have invites.  Tweet this blog post hashtagged with #insidblog and I will randomly choose people to get invites.

If you have already used Google+  What do you think? Leave a post in the comments below, and lets connect in Google+!


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