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14 March 2014 ~ 2 Comments

Infographic: What forms of Brand Messaging do Consumers Buy Into?

Do your consumers trust you?

If you are like most small business owners you are probably stretching every dollar, and minute, to the max.  You know it’s important to prioritize your time and money, but that expanding your brand is essential.

@MDGadvertising shares with us:

What forms of Brand Messaging do Consumers Buy Into?

The average consumer is bombarded with slogans, brand messaging, and ads hundreds, of not thousands, of times a day.  But how much of that are they really buying into?  A recent report from Nielson breaks down what consumers find most trustworthy and relevant.

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16 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

The Easy Way to Build your Social Media Following

Hey everyone!  I’m pleased to announce an awesome new advertising feature at Traffic Swirl geared specifically towards building your social media following.  As you’ve probably already figured out, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks display only a blank page when viewed in a traffic exchange, so it’s always been a problem promoting your facebook page or youtube videos in Traffic Exchanges.  The new Tasks at Traffic Swirl are designed just for that.

You can use tasks to:

  • Get Twitter Followers
  • Get Retweets
  • Get more Likes on Facebook
  • Get more Subscribers to your email newsletter
  • Get more comments on your Blog
  • Get YouTube Channel Subscribers
  • Get YouTube Video Comments
  • Get Instagram Followers
  • Get Tumblr Followers
  • Get Tumblr Reblogs

We’ll help you build all the important social networks, but we won’t let you buy signups – these tasks will never contain ptsu offers.

Find Tasks on the Advertising page to use tokens to instantly build your social networks now at Traffic Swirl.


See-Ya in the Swirl,

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