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16 November 2016 ~ 2 Comments

Traffic Exchange Owners are Losing Their Minds because of PayPal


PayPal has spent most of 2016 policing and limiting businesses, and traffic exchange owners are losing their minds.

There seems to be mass confusion going on as to what and why people are being limited, the reasons people are receiving are all varying, and this has caused all kinds of speculation, from things as silly as words used or upgrades offered and whatever else.

Traffic Exchange owners are doing some crazy things, many of them even going so far as blaming their customers.  They always talk about the “good old days.”  A time where magical unicorns walked the earth and pooped cupcakes and jellybeans.  A time that never really existed, then they try to shift blame as to what changed.

Some are wanting to completely flip their businesses on their heads and try to turn them into something completely different or unrelated to Traffic Exchanges.  It’s insanity the things I’m seeing in the skype groups.

Traffic Exchange users are becoming equally panicked, and for good reason, the “leaders” in this industry are saying some ridiculous things, in front of their customers too.

The truth is that many Traffic Exchanges will not survive, some will try to change their business model to comply with PayPal, only to find out that PayPal’s actions have little to do with traffic exchanges, as they are also limiting accounts of people selling information products, email marketing, coaching services, many digitally delivered products.

Others will try to convert to other payment processors and will not have the capital to sustain the financial impact of that transition.

Certain people are saying they should now take a more active role in the types of ads they accept.  I’ve been doing this since day one, and in those times I would ask people why they would allow obviously illegal scams to be advertised on their sites, and why they would allow their customers to fall victim to these scams, only to be told repeatedly that they can’t police the internet or that it’s not their job.  Now these same people standing on soap boxes telling everyone that they shouldn’t allow them.  I never did, they never should have, but either way that’s not going to increase favorability with PayPal.

Some will try to remain a traffic exchange in their current form, but try and push away their own audience.  I keep seeing things about “penny chasers” and “freebie seekers” and other vilification of their customers and question if they understand their target market at all, or how advertising actually works (If there’s nobody to see an ad, does it make a sound?).

It’s insane to me that businesses that have spent years targeting specific audiences would then say that those people aren’t good enough to be their customers.

There’s a lot of romanticizing over what a Traffic Exchange is, or what it should be, or what it could be.  And very little discussion over what it actually is.

The most important thing for the survival of a business is to understand exactly what it is, and what it is being used for.. not what you want it to be, not what you want people to use it for, but what the reality of the business is.  Knowing Exactly who your customers are, and why your business has succeeded (or hasn’t).

There’s a lot of reactionary nonsense going on, and it’s going to wreck havoc on the Traffic Exchange market.

But then there are others.  There are people who understand who their businesses serve, understand who their customers are and what it is they are seeking.

Traffic Exchanges have always been incentive based, they’ve always been for small home businesses and beginning entrepreneurs to be able to advertise and build their lists without capital.  Regardless of if you are surfing for some credits to advertise, or a few cents to go towards your hosting bill, it’s the way traffic exchanges have always worked since day one..  Those who understand the nature of their business will continue to succeed, and those who don’t will try to change everything.  It won’t be PayPal or any other payment processor that kills their business, it will be them.

Traffic Exchanges aren’t dead… but unfortunately many will die.

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20 June 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Bowling is dead

Bowling was a fairly popular sport, back when there weren’t many things for people to do for fun.

The problem with bowling, is that it had two major flaws, other than the nasty shoes.

One of the major problems with bowling, was that you could only get so good.  There is a top score you can reach, and once you reach that score, you can’t get any better, that’s it.  The end, that’s all you can do.

The other problem with bowling, is that you have to pay per game.

This means that every frame is very important, you can’t try anything new, or different, because if it doesn’t work, you screw up that whole frame, you lose the game, and to defend your honor and defeat your friend, you have to pay for another game.

You can’t make mistakes, you can’t try anything different, you can’t spin around in a circle 15 times and try to bowl, or roll the ball backwards between your legs, you can’t really do anything fun or creative with it, because it might not work.

So you follow the handbook, you pick your ball as though you’re trying to avoid salmonella at the salad bar, you line up your shot just perfectly, and follow through just like they told you to.

Then when you do it right, when you do it all perfectly as the book instructs, you get to be as good as the best bowler, but never better, because the score only goes so high.

Thankfully, Bowling is dead.

The world is not like bowling anymore.

The cost to ‘try’ has reached virtually zero, we now have unlimited bowling.

You already have the internet, so trying is basically free, other than your time which if you turn off the TV you’ll find you actually have quite a bit of.

You can do all those strange, silly ideas, because if you fail, that’s ok, you don’t lose anything, you get to try again.  You don’t have to pay for another game, you don’t have to feed the meter, or rent another pair of smelly shoes, you can just do it.

The great thing about this is that, with that silly throw where you roll from sitting on the floor, or use your secondary hand.  The beautiful part here is that some of these things that are not in the book, that are not part of the way your teacher showed you, may actually work, or at the very least be a heck of a lot more fun.

The other great thing about it is that now you actually CAN beat the top score. You don’t have to tie with anyone.  You don’t have to work hard following the book just to reach middle management.  You aren’t limited to selling your art just to those that come to the market, you have virtually free access to billions of people, billions of people who want to see you spin around 5 times before throwing the bowling ball, and that’s a lot more meaningful than competing in the Professional Bowlers Association annual tournament.

The world isn’t like bowling anymore. There is no longer a top score, and you don’t lose anything if you try.  Now that everything is there for you, the only thing left to do is to do.

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