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29 June 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Breaking down the Cluster

Hey everyone, just posting this here so everyone can find it 🙂

I decided to break down my server cluster and move the sites onto their own individual servers – the idea originally with the cluster was having multiple massive servers control the different functions of my websites, but the issue that keeps arising is that when one has problems, it causes problems on my entire network of sites, so I’m taking a different approach and moving everything onto their own individual servers, this way load or service issues from one site will be isolated and no longer effect all the other servers.  Also when upgrades are required it will just cause downtime of one site, instead of everything.

Anywho, this process will take the next few weeks, I will be moving and testing each site individually one at a time, the schedule below is tentative and just a rough outline of when to expect downtime at your favorite site.  For each day listed, the downtime will be at 2 AM Eastern Time – the downtime itself actually should be very brief, as the site will be set up and tested beforehand so the actual move is just a matter of updating the database, and switching the IPs.  The IP Propogation part can take a while in some regions though unfortunately, so if you experience downtime longer than an hour or so, I would reccomend clearing your cache, clearing DNS cache, and if that doesn’t work then unfortunately the only thing you can do is wait for your local ISPs to propagate the new IPs for the sites.  The downtime will only effect the specific site listed for that date.


Explosive Traffic – 07/03/2013

Traffic Swirl, Surf Sumo – 07/07/2013

Fast Cash and Traffic – 07/10/2013

Insidmal Design Website, Insidblog, Viral List Builder Plus, Mailer Ninja – 07/12/2013

Affiliate Toolbox (Including Tracking Links) – 07/15/2013


These dates are subject to change so please if you are a member make sure to check your email and this post for any updates / changes.

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17 February 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Lazy Unemployed bum

In December (About a week before Christmas) of 2008 I lost my job of six years, I was in a panic and up to my elbows in debt. I was fortunate enough however to receive federal and state unemployment.

At first I went looking for work, the first several weeks on unemployment I applied at literally hundreds of companies, having years of retail management experience, I thought getting a new job would not be an issue. I was wrong. After 6 months of job searching I was finally offered a job… to unload a delivery truck at a pet store one day a week.

It became obvious to me that this just was not going to be an option. I turned and started investing all of my time and money in my own business, seeds of which were planted years prior but never cultivated into anything.

If it was not for our state and federal unemployment programs, this would not have been an option, thankfully I had parents who were able to allow me to move back in with them to help support me while I was down on my luck, if it were not for that I would have been on the street.

I invested the money and time in myself, in cultivating a successful business.

In the last six months alone my business has generated more money then both years I spent on unemployment, and more than half of that went back into the economy – over $60,000 last year went into the pockets of the affiliates of my websites.

These people are taking this money and investing it into themselves, to build up their own businesses, creating a massive chain reaction.

You have to stop and ask yourself who are the REAL job creators? Is it Reuters who laid off 2,500 people this week? Is it ING Group who also laid off 2,400 people this week?

No. It is the millions of families who strive every day to better themselves. It is the average person who is tired of struggling, tired of fighting, tired of being a cog in the machine.

It is people like me, average every day people, that drive our economy, that create jobs, that create real impact on the every day lives of people in a positive way.

Next time you want to call someone on unemployment lazy or unmotivated, it is important to understand that they are not.

They are people like me, and people like you, fighting literally for their lives with every once of their being. These are the people who want to better themselves more than anyone else on the planet.

They deserve our time, they deserve our respect, they deserve our funding whenever possible.

These people are the driving force of our society.

These people are the true job creators.

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