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31 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Does Abortion affect Crime?

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called Freakonomics, based on a book of the same name by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, one specific portion that caught my attention was the connection they made between Abortion and Crime Rates.

In the late mid to late 90’s in the United States we saw the beginning of what became a sustained decrease in crime rates throughout the country.  In each state, the leadership posed a different cause.  For example, some Senators and Governor’s claimed it was different police policies.  Some said it was related to changes in prison rules, others credited things like the Three Strike rule, and some even claimed it had to do with the rise of Organized religion.

Victimization Crime Rates, via

The economists in this movie (or book) were not satisfied with any of these answers, simply because they were not consistent.  Sure, New York had a new police policy, but San Diego didn’t have that policy, and also saw decreases.  In fact, every major city in the country saw a decrease in crime.

Violent Crime per 10,000 Residents in Six Large American Cities, via

So the economists looked deeper into the statistics.  What changed that effected everyone?  One thing they discovered was that crime rates among those under the age of 25 had decreased dramatically, while those over the age of 25 remained relatively flat.

So they looked at things that may have occurred during the lives of the 25 year olds that did not happen in those of other 25.  One thing they found consistant, was the case of Roe V Wade in 1973 which effectively legalized Abortion in the United States.

They believed that since people could now legally abort a pregnancy, less children were being raised in homes that were not prepared for children, so the likelihood of being born into a stable household increased, since families could now delay a pregnancy until they felt they were ready to have the child.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting connection that they were making, and was curious on people’s opinions on this.

Do you think there is a connection between legalized abortion and crime rates? If not, what caused the decrease in crime?

I’d love to hear your opinions, but I know the topic of abortion can be a hot button issue, so if you decide to comment please take a deep breath and try to communicate without getting too heated, anyone that comments in an aggressive, accusatory, confrontational, or disrespectful way will be deleted, I’d like to have a healthy discussion here, not a flame fest.

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30 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What Are YOU Supposed to be?

NOTE: I know I’m committing blog suicide and sacrificing all my existing traffic by totally switching gears with this blog, and turning it into a personal blog… but I’m doing it anyway.  If you’re looking for business related posts, they’ve moved to ..this blog will now be my personal voice 🙂

Ah yes.. Halloween.. the time of year where everyone dresses up in costumes and pretends to be someone they aren’t and do something they wouldn’t do.. for the children this means taking candy from random strangers, and consuming enough of it that will take till the 4th of July to burn off.. for adults it means drinking that whole bottle of Vodka and waking up in an alley somewhere dressed like a bumble bee…  It also means, unless you’ve taken the habit of locking out the outside world and isolating yourself (something I’ve grown to enjoy) that you will also be asked the inevitable question “What are You supposed to be?”

It’s likely that I just read way too into things.. but my first instinct when I hear this question, as I always do when I go out on Halloween because I don’t enjoy wearing costumes, is to be terribly offended.

I know nobody who asks this question means anything other than the face value – who are you supposed to be representing with that costume? But the first place my mind always goes is a literal.. What Are You Supposed To Be?

What am I supposed to be?  I’d like to think I’m supposed to be.. me.

I’m a Guy.

I’m a Guy who was raised in Springfield Oregon by a Mother with a Psychology Degree but found herself in and out of secretary positions, and a father who was a Mechanic.

I’m a Guy who dropped out of College for a promotion at a Shitty Retail Job.

I’m a Guy who lost that shitty retail job when the recession hit.

I’m a Guy who spent a year trying to find a new job, and couldn’t.

I’m a Guy who got evicted and lost his car.

I’m a Guy who realized that I couldn’t rely on some employer to help me achieve what I wanted.

I’m a Guy who took control of his future.

I’m a Guy who realized that I am the only one in the world who can make my dreams come true.

I’m a Guy who started a business, and found success with it.

I’m a Guy who is happy with who he is, and enjoys life more and more every day.


I am EXACTLY ‘What I’m Supposed To Be’


What are YOU Supposed to be?

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