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10 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Job Security is a Myth

About a week before Christmas in 2009 I learned that “Job Security” was a myth.

At the depths of the recession, it took me 8 months to even get an interview.. it became clear to me that this was something I needed to do myself.

After just a few years of working my ass off, I have a lifestyle I’ve never even imagined was possible. That my parents couldn’t have even imagined was possible.

There’s a lot of stress that comes with working for yourself. You have nobody to blame but yourself when things look down, and no one to turn to. You have no guarantee that you’ll get paid tomorrow, but when I look back to 2009 I am reminded that there wasn’t really a guarantee then either.

I truly believe this moment right now is the highlight of my life, but I thought that last year too, and the year before.. yet every year it somehow just gets better. It’s one thing that has made me fall in love with aging, I used to fear it.. but it’s hard now not to look forward to what may come.

I know this is a bit of a ramble, but I have to remind myself where I’ve come from, how hard I’ve worked, how far I’ve come, and how fortunate I really am to all the opportunities I’ve had, and created.

It’s funny now, how broken I was.. how devastated it made me to lose a job making $23,000 a year, one I didn’t even like. If I had known then what I know, I would have celebrated.

It’s funny how what seems like a tragedy can actually become the biggest opportunity of a person’s life.

I guess what I’m getting at is no matter what you do, no matter how good you think you are, or how good you think you’re doing bad things can and will happen, but good things can and will happen, too. The only thing that remains consistent is you, you can allow those situations break you, or to soar out of the ashes stronger than ever. Thankfully, that is a choice you get to make.

It’s the choice I made.

Not bad for a college dropout with a 2.5 GPA.

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30 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

What Are YOU Supposed to be?

NOTE: I know I’m committing blog suicide and sacrificing all my existing traffic by totally switching gears with this blog, and turning it into a personal blog… but I’m doing it anyway.  If you’re looking for business related posts, they’ve moved to ..this blog will now be my personal voice 🙂

Ah yes.. Halloween.. the time of year where everyone dresses up in costumes and pretends to be someone they aren’t and do something they wouldn’t do.. for the children this means taking candy from random strangers, and consuming enough of it that will take till the 4th of July to burn off.. for adults it means drinking that whole bottle of Vodka and waking up in an alley somewhere dressed like a bumble bee…  It also means, unless you’ve taken the habit of locking out the outside world and isolating yourself (something I’ve grown to enjoy) that you will also be asked the inevitable question “What are You supposed to be?”

It’s likely that I just read way too into things.. but my first instinct when I hear this question, as I always do when I go out on Halloween because I don’t enjoy wearing costumes, is to be terribly offended.

I know nobody who asks this question means anything other than the face value – who are you supposed to be representing with that costume? But the first place my mind always goes is a literal.. What Are You Supposed To Be?

What am I supposed to be?  I’d like to think I’m supposed to be.. me.

I’m a Guy.

I’m a Guy who was raised in Springfield Oregon by a Mother with a Psychology Degree but found herself in and out of secretary positions, and a father who was a Mechanic.

I’m a Guy who dropped out of College for a promotion at a Shitty Retail Job.

I’m a Guy who lost that shitty retail job when the recession hit.

I’m a Guy who spent a year trying to find a new job, and couldn’t.

I’m a Guy who got evicted and lost his car.

I’m a Guy who realized that I couldn’t rely on some employer to help me achieve what I wanted.

I’m a Guy who took control of his future.

I’m a Guy who realized that I am the only one in the world who can make my dreams come true.

I’m a Guy who started a business, and found success with it.

I’m a Guy who is happy with who he is, and enjoys life more and more every day.


I am EXACTLY ‘What I’m Supposed To Be’


What are YOU Supposed to be?

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