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02 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Birthday Traffic Swirl!

On November 8th Traffic Swirl will be turning 3 years old, so I’m celebrating by giving away $2,000 Cash.

I’m paying out $1000 in cash to the top 500 members based on daily activity, referrals, and referral activity from now through November 11th.

I’ve also loaded $1000 cash and one of a kind special edition Birthday chat backgrounds in to our Limited Edition Birthday Gift Boxes available this week only in the Marketplace.

Come celebrate with us at Traffic Swirl and win now through November 11th.

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07 March 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Traffic Swirl Does it Again…

As if this Traffic Exchange couldn’t have enough unique features, Traffic Swirl has done it again with it’s new Rapid Win game!  Traffic Swirl’s Rapid Win game consists of a Grid with 100 spots.  You get to pick a spot (or 5 if you are upgraded).  Every 10 Minutes a spot is picked by random, if you own that spot then you win either the Cash or Credit Jackpot!  After a winner is selected all the boxes are cleared and the game starts again.  If no one owns the winning box then everyone gets to keep their spots and the Jackpots all increase for the next game.  Usually at Traffic Swirl you have to be upgraded to win cash prizes, but with our Rapid Win game, even free members can win Cash!

That’s all there is to it!  It couldn’t get easier, and there is a winner picked every 10 minutes!  Login today and claim your rapid win spots to win at

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