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31 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Gulf oil spill: Bill Nye discusses top kill open Q&A

Bill Nye, the Science guy.

Bill Nye made popular from his mid '90s show: "Bill Nye, The Science Guy"

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, was online Friday, May 28, at 1 p.m. ET to discuss the Gulf oil spill and the latest efforts to cap the well, including the “top kill” maneuver. […]

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01 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Roger Ebert Gives Two Thumbs Down to 3D Movies

Now that Avatar is the biggest movie ever worldwide and DVD and Blu-ray sales are through the roof, 3D technology is helping fuel an industry resurgence. Not everyone is a fan, however. Movie critic Roger Ebert argues that, “Hollywood’s current crazy stampede toward [3D] is suicidal.”

In a strongly worded piece for Newsweek, Ebert puts forth nine reasons why 3D movies are nothing more than an “annoying distraction… driven largely to sell expensive projection equipment and add a $5 to $7.50 surcharge on already expensive movie tickets.”

Ebert’s statements essentially boil down to the following argument: 3D detracts from the entire movie experience, from concept to theater consumption. He points to 3D as an enabler of greed that disrupts the mind’s eye (since it already sees in the third dimension), causes headaches and merely exists to create a gap between home and theater experiences. […]

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