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21 April 2016 ~ 0 Comments

PROOF: How One Affiliate Made $194 in One Day by Referring One Person

On a Thursday in March, one of our Traffic ProfitPro members who had upgraded their account and completed the training was advertising our training system.

This member, we’ll call her Jane, followed all the steps and was advertising her rotator.  She finished Lesson 6, 7, 8… all of the lessons that showed her exactly how to get the most out of Traffic Exchanges.

And Jane, she got a referral.

Team ProfitPro/Conquest Marketing is in ownership of most of the products within the training, so I have access to a screenshot to show you exactly what happened on that Thursday, though I’ve masked the referrals name for their privacy.

Traffic ProfitPro Earnings Proof

The sequence of events starts at the bottom.

Jane’s referral joined Traffic ProfitPro, He went through lessons 1, 2, 3…. got to lesson 6 where he was asked to begin building his system through Ad Master Plus.

He joined Ad Master Plus, and Jane got a $63 commission.

He went to lesson 7, where we showed him how by diversifying his advertising, he can get faster results… and Jane got a $9 Commission, and a $25 Commission.

He then advanced through Lessons 8 and 9, where we showed him how to massively scale up his business using Explosive Traffic.. and Jane got a $33 commission, and a $30 commission.

He got to the advanced training, where we would teach him about sales funnels and list building, Jane got a $34 Commission.

On that one Thursday, in March, Jane got $194 in commission… from one referral.

But that didn’t stop, Jane’s referral came back to Traffic Swirl, and Jane got another $65 Commission, and through Ad Master Plus he ended up joining Mailer Ninja, where Jane got another $63 in Commission.

In just March, Jane got $322 in commission… from one referral… one time.

The best part?  Now Jane’s Referral got a referral of his own.

This is the Power of TrafficProfitPro


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18 April 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Why Some Things are Difficult

5 Years ago to the day I created Ad Master Plus.

Everyone told me I was making a mistake, they told me it wouldn’t work.

Sometimes being told something won’t work, is the motivation we need to succeed.

I think one of the main reason’s why it DID work, was simply because everyone told me it couldn’t, but I still believed it anyway.

To cite Seth Godin’s blog post Galvanized:

“When George Martin first met the Beatles and became their producer, he liked their sound and their energy, but he didn’t think they could write songs. So he licensed a song, handed it to them and had them record it. John and Paul hated doing this, so they asked if they could write one. That became their first hit. Faced with opposition and competition, they became better songwriters.

Sir George didn’t think much of Pete Best, their drummer, and he said so. He wanted to hire session musicians as drummers. Faced with a loss of cohesion and control, John, Paul and George took action, fired Pete, found and hired Ringo.

George didn’t think there was a chance this Ringo guy was any good, so he had a session musician sit in for the first recording. Ringo brought his A game on the next track and that was the end of session musicians sitting in.”

Embrace Challenges as Opportunities

It comes as no surprise that med school is hard.

Of course getting into Harvard School of Law is not an easy task.

These tasks are long, and difficult, yet those who complete them are rewarded with careers in the highest paying jobs in the world.

When I started my first business it took me two years to make any money, but once I did, it has created a generous stream of income for nearly half a decade.

Things are difficult, they are challenging.  You will face obstacles, hurdles, critics and slander.

If anyone could spend $20 a month for an internet connection, and use google to learn to be a Lawyer, an attorney wouldn’t be able to charge you hundreds of dollars an hour for their time and knowledge.

If you could take a class on Udemy and learn to give heart bypass surgery, the world would have no need for skilled surgeons.

The fact that things are difficult, that they are challenging, is why they are so valuable.

Screw the critics, to hell with the naysayers.  The truth is that you can do it, find out why, focus on your end goal.

When it gets difficult, when it gets hard, remember that those are the moments that everybody else quits.

The challenges and difficulties, the things that keep you awake at night wondering if you’ve made a huge mistake… those are just steps, part of the process, and signals of a greater reward for those who persevere.

When you’re ready to start your business, start here.

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