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05 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Attention is Currency

When it comes to advertising, regardless of if you are using an organic marketing strategy, or paid marketing.. across the board there is one key.


The most challenging to task is just simply getting people to pay attention, and it’s why marketers chase after the latest social craze — because it’s what people are paying attention to, so you want to go where the attention is.

Burger King crushed it by placing their King Mascot walking in with Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest matches of the year.

How many people remember this image?  Now how many of you can tell me how many Burger King commercials aired before or after the fight?

I don’t remember either, but that’s because that’s not what we pay attention to.


The struggle for traditional advertising venues – is getting that attention.

At Traffic Swirl it’s always been a key strategy of ours to make sure that people WANT to pay attention, not forced.. but WANT to.

We keep hearing about fast timers, and tab surfing, and it’s easy to wonder if anyone pays attention at all.

Well, I’ve implemented something new at Traffic Swirl.

This new feature not only allows me to track exactly how long a member is actually viewing the add, but also allows me to encourage the activity by rewarding with new Instant Win Prizes.

If you’re an advertiser, this is great news.  Our new data not only let’s us monitor how long people stay on your ad, but enables us to do changes to drive increases.

You’ll be happy to find out that about 55% of our visitors stay on the Ad for at least 3 Seconds.

You can’t even get a 3 second timer at many Traffic Exchanges, but at Traffic Swirl more than half of your views will be at least 3 seconds.

Even better, we plan to release these logs to advertisers so you can see exactly how long each of your ad views are viewed.

If you’re a surfer — even better. By staying on an ad at least 2 seconds, you will see a special claim prize come up, and receive either a Treasure Chest or Cash Chest prize. It doesn’t have to be consecutive, or even while the timer clicks, just 2 full seconds on the ad will give you a chance to win.

The odds of winning of course vary by upgrade.  A free member has a 2% chance to win with every page surfed, Pro members have a 5% chance, and Platinum have a 7% chance to win.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, Attention is currency.  If you love to surf Traffic Exchanges, then Traffic ProfitPro can help you learn to make the most of that attention, for free.

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19 July 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Three Steps to Traffic Exchange Success

Traffic exchanges can be a very effective way to advertise.. but they can also be a complete waste of time if you don’t have a system in place… there are a lot of “shiny objects” out there, so it’s crucial to have a plan and stay focused if you want to see results in Traffic Exchanges or anything else you do.

Today I’m sharing 3 of the biggest lessons, the most important steps you can take to find Traffic Exchange Success.

Consistency is Everything

The most important thing is consistency.  The larger traffic exchanges can reach tens of thousands of people, so in order to reach each person enough times to build trust, loyalty, brand recognition, and ultimately sales, you have to maintain a consistent presence with that visitor.

The principles of Effective Efficiency show us that it takes 20 impressions of your ad for a user to take action, so keep in mind it takes time and consistency to get results for your ads in Traffic Exchanges or any other Advertising medium.

Follow Up is Key

One of the keys to converting sales is follow up, now I know with advertising it can seem strange to lump Following Up into your advertising strategy, but it is important.  It goes along with Consistency, you can follow up by simply making sure your ad is there to remind them that they were thinking of joining, or remind them of a story they heard about the product.

A better way is to use create a connection so you can have an opportunity to engage with the visitor beyond the ad.  You don’t always have to use the standard auto responder series, coming up with creative ways to encourage the viewers to engage with you and give you an opportunity to connect with them again (using a free or less expensive channel, like email or social) can make the difference between someone just skipping past your ad, and becoming your biggest client.

Use a Sales Funnel

I’m going to try and put this politely…. If you have not set up a sales funnel, you are wasting your time.

Like follow up, a proper sales funnel is crucial to generating real sales from your ad.  If all they do is join and you throw them in and say “here, look at this” then it’s unlikely to get a response.  It’s like meeting a girl you think is pretty and asking her straight to bed.  You’ve got to at least take her on a date.. be respectful about her and the situation.  This is the exact same thing for business, don’t go to your potential lead and say “Hi, I’m Frank, I want your money”  ..give them a chance to get to know you, provide some value, show them why, and how, and THEN what.

Creating a sales funnel not only allows you to automate the follow up, but also an opportunity to create the connection that is required to form life-long customers and fans.

One of the easiest ways to create a sales funnel is using an Auto Responder, create a value-driven email series and allow your potential leads an opportunity to subscribe, use the series to tell them about yourself, tell your story, and share your values.  Let them get a chance to know you and connect with you before you start asking for sales.

On the flipside, the most difficult side, is to build a website.  They can join your website and inside the website you can provide the content, this is often more effective because email can get buried, but logging into a website takes a bit of investment, which means that the people who login regularly have already shown you that they have at least some trust in you, and gives you a platform to work from.


These three techniques are really the basics to finding Traffic Exchange Success, and we’ve created a Training System to help you master these techniques and find Traffic Exchange success.

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