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10 February 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Do Traffic Exchange Timers Matter?

Yes, I’m bringing up the debate again… do the timers of traffic exchanges actually matter?

In April of 2012 I launched the first Viral Traffic Co-Op, Explosive Traffic.

Since then it has been copied literally dozens of times, but every time it is copied, nobody can really capture what makes Explosive Traffic unique — and that is our built in tracking that makes sure that our advertisers are only having their ads viewed by the highest quality publishers.

This post isn’t about that, though, it’s about the timers of Traffic Exchanges.

The relation here is that I have been tracking every view from Explosive Traffic.  I did reset the stats recently so that I could get fresher updated data (a lot can change on a publisher in 4 years).

My findings are… do timers matter?

Well… YES!

People will SAY that they just need a second to view the ad to know if they are interested or not, they SAY that if they’ve seen the ad a hundred times, they already know what they think about it.  they SAY that 1 or 3 seconds is plenty of time to act on your ad.

But what they DO? Well, what they do is not in line with that.

Here are the TOP 10 Sources based on RESULTS.. this comes from 218,986,703 views from 1,534 different publishers.

Top 10 Sources
Traffic Source Views Recent CTR 109,742 1.1492% 121,102 0.6583% 424,469 0.6073% 629,492 0.4844% 586,194 0.4446% 5,558,555 0.441% 178,876 0.4413% 258,662 0.4359% 149,933 0.4187% 1,441,987 0.4082%


Check that out.. the top 6 Converting all have at least a 10 second timer, and the remaining top 4 have at least a 6 second timer.

Using the data above, it is pretty clear that timers really do matter, but that bigger isn’t necessarily better, clearly there are other factors involved, as you can see since Easy Hits 4 U has a 15-20 second timer, but there are sites above it with 10s timers…  but I think it’s pretty safe to infer that while a longer timer doesn’t guarantee better results, a shorter timer clearly does negatively effect results.

Tip: Use Explosive Traffic to Advertise at all the top traffic sources at once.

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26 January 2016 ~ 0 Comments

The DIYers Guide to Learning Advertising

I’m always thinking of ways to expand and grow my business, and lately I’ve been researching different ways to advertise.  My business consists primarily from creating unique and engaging experiences for people, and then leveraging the natural engagement levels through selling advertising.

The internet runs on advertising, and we’re no different.  But for that to work, you have to be able to continue to provide value to the people who are advertising.  Keeping people your members engaged and with your business long term is very important, so for my market it’s absolutely vital to my existence that I continue to grow the audience and be able to deliver more value to advertisers.

As an advertiser, though, this can get very expensive, if you are not careful.  Most of you reading this are familiar with Traffic Exchanges, if you’re not then a traffic exchange is a resource for startups and beginning entrepreneurs to build their lists, and bring attention to products or services.

If you do a google search for them, you will find mixed reviews.  I personally have had a great experience (read about it here), and some will tell you that they are a waste of time.  I hate going off on this tangent, but I’d like to clear this issue up — if you’re marketing budget is $20k a month… then yeah, you can spend $20 a lead on twitter CPA campaigns and convert at 40%

Back down here on planet earth, we can’t afford to hire Interpublic to market test a $7 item.  For the rest of us, there is a whole realm of marketing including social media, webcasts, and of course even low cost paid advertising options like Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

Here’s the trap though that I’m writing all this to prevent you from falling in.

Some people think when surfing Traffic Exchanges, that if I surf 1 i can get 1 credit, so if I surf 3, I can get 3 credits.

Well that’s fantastic, but then you’re advertising an ad that’s only getting 1 sign up every 3,000 views.

One of the biggest things that I attribute my own success to was when I first started with Traffic Exchanges, I surfed just one.  I looked very carefully at every single ad.. and I know this sounds cheesy af coming from somebody who owns one, I’m sure you all want to call bullshit on me.. but you saw my post the other day.. I didn’t start out having known ANYTHING.. I taught myself how to program, I taught myself how to do design, I taught myself how to advertise, how to sell, how to post ridiculously long blog posts that people probably don’t read.

I didn’t learn how to sell my products through traffic exchanges by accumulating more credits than the next guy, I learned by living it and doing it.  I Surfed every day, and I looked at absolutely everything.  Do I like the Design? What is it about it I like? Does it interest me?  Where are my eyes moving?  How do I feel about it? What do “I Wish” about it?

That’s really how you learn it in business, and figure it out if you are bootstrapping or unwilling to pay $30,000 for a business coach.  It really sucks when people have the opportunity to really take things to the next level, but are ignoring the obvious because of confusing a cause and an effect.

I’m doing well with Traffic Exchanges, and I’m able to have enough reach in them to be able to reach virtually all the corners of the market, but as I mentioned earlier, I need it to be more, so that I can give the best value to my advertisers.

So what do I do now?  Well I’m looking into other types of advertising.. I did Adwords stuff back before traffic exchanges, and I’m not really interested in that, but there are a lot of other new methods since then.

How am I learning how to do them?  The same way I learned to excel in Traffic Exchanges… by paying attention.  Looking for the people I want to reach, finding out what they are interested in, their aesthetics, their needs… and their own advertising and marketing styles.

So without spending $25k a year on tuition, or flying to London to consult with WPP Group, how do you learn to advertise in Traffic Exchanges, or anywhere else?

  • Pay Attention to what is going on, the trends, hot topics, or opportunities to get the attention of future customers.
  • You Are A Research Tool so pay attention to your intuition and gut instinct, there’s a good chance your customers will feel the same way… find out what attracts you, why do you buy what you buy?
  • Opt In. Click the link, follow through, sign up, see how they have decided to structure their sales pages, how do they follow up?  You can start to notice trends, and even better you’ll get the idea of what works or what doesn’t from a customer perspective.
  • Focus on Winners.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is they look to the person who is directly beside them.  The people who are close to your level are at that level for a reason.  Always focus on somebody who is doing better than both you and your closest competitors.. who is taking it out into the stratosphere, and what are they doing different that works?  Don’t copy them, but take the time to pay attention to the things that are setting them apart from the others.
  • Focus on Customers.  At the end of the day, it is your customers who pay you.  You may have a direction you want to go with your business, but at what cost?  Focus on the people who have already joined your downline, opted into your email list, or joined your website.  Focus on how to serve them better, or somebody else will.

You’re surrounded by capitalism, businesses, and sales everywhere you turn.. take advantage of that resource, the only thing more there is than opportunity — are lessons.

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