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12 April 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Yo Dawg.. I heard you like ads!

Like all people, I consume a ton of advertising, as a traffic exchange surfer, I consume a lot more than the average bear, but one thing I see often when I surf around that always surprises me, is when people put ads on their ads.

You already have an ad! Why do you need to put an ad on it?

It blows my mind — I see a perfectly awesome splash page, then all of a sudden there is a banner for something completely different on it, it kills my whole mojo.

I’ve even been interested in something and about to click a call to action, then all of a sudden they are advertising something else on the same page and you’ve just totally lost my train of thought and interest in your ad.

Why would you put another ad on your ad?  Do you really have so many click-throughs that you need to outsource them somewhere else?  I doubt that.

FIX IT!  Narrow your focus, give me one thing, one button to click on, don’t clutter your page up with extra ads or a wall of text no one will ever read (yep, that typo has been there for 3 years and nobody has noticed because nobody reads it) make it EASY for me to join, stop trying to distract me with other ads.

You’re already advertising, you already have everything going against you because it as an ad.. just by the mere fact that it is an ad, puts a glaze over your viewers eyes – you have to fight ten times as hard to get someone to pay attention that at ad then it took me to get you to read this far in this blog post, why on earth would you bury it between other ads or other random crap?  Seriously.. don’t put ads on your ads.. don’t put a bunch of text, don’t put 15 buttons, don’t put 25 banners, give me a headline, a neat picture to catch my interest, and a button for me to push.. that’s it.. nothing more!  Stop competing with yourself!

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