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06 April 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Let’s Celebrate!

This month we’re very excited to be celebrating Ad Master Plus’ 5 Year Anniversary!

When I created Ad Master Plus in 2011, people told me it couldn’t work, that it wouldn’t work.

Well, 5 Years later Ad Master Plus has paid out over $100,000 in Commission to more than 35,000 members and have delivered over 8,000,000 clicks on their email and website advertising.

This month we’re doing it big with some amazing special deals and a $1,000 referral contest.

There are 25 Cash Prizes ready to be won, with a top prize of $500 Cash.

One of the best ways to get referrals for Ad Master Plus is with Traffic ProfitPro.

Not only do we show your referrals how to get the most from Traffic Exchanges, but we also put them in your Ad Master Plus downline, with Ad Master Plus being a part of one of the first lessons in our free training.

We look forward to celebrating Ad Master Plus’ 5th Anniversary with you and Traffic Traffic ProfitPro, see-you there!

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15 February 2016 ~ 2 Comments

Do Traffic Exchanges Work in 2016?


One of the hot debates in the Professional Marketing arena is if Traffic Exchanges even Work.

There are lots of opinions on this.  When you look at conversion rate numbers, they may seem low compared to more modern forms of advertising.

But when you look at the ROI, the answer is a very obvious yes.

The mistake most people make is they are comparing a $10 lead from Facebook or Twitter ads to a $1 lead from Traffic Exchanges.  Of course you can use all kinds of long tail keyword targeting with content marketing strategies and get a 20% or higher Conversion Rate, but a recent campaign I created on Twitter was costing me $20 a conversion, based on their pricing.. they were literally going to charge me $20 for every goal in my keyword target set.

While yes, those $20 leads would have converted at a high rate, but the thing is, with Traffic Exchanges being able to advertise for free, or with CPMs as low as $2 – $3, it becomes a lot easier to get a return than it does for high priced leads.

But the debate I hear a lot is if you can even get conversions from Traffic Exchanges at all..

So, I decided to share my own results, these are cumulative results for 2015, from just Traffic Exchanges.


Do you see that?  I selected all the 2015 referral notifications… 20,609 Referrals

These are referrals I got from Traffic Exchanges… but are they any good? Do these leads actually spend money?


Yep! Nearly 2,000 Commission payments received for 2015… Again, these referrals all came from Traffic Exchanges!

So.. Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

It’d be sort of silly to say they don’t, wouldn’t it?

If you want to figure out how to use traffic exchanges more effectively to get traffic, referrals, leads, and commissions, check out my free training guide here.

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