05 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Business Cards

Well, I ordered some business cards today, hopefully they turn out good, they should, the proof looked great, and the nice uv finish should add a very nice touch, I guess we’ll see in about a week when they show up!  I first checked out vistaprint, and they had some pretty good deals, but I went to uprinting.com and the quality seemed better, unlike vistaprint they offered a proof that you accept (or not) before printing, vistaprint is cheaper but doesn’t give you an exact proof of how it is going to print, like with mine the proof showed me a few things about the print I wouldn’t have noticed until my order was paid for and recieved. vistaprint also does not offer uv coating, though it does offer foil.  I chose uprinting and the order is in press as we speak, I’ll let you know in about a week how it turns out.