Welcome to the official blog of John Bell, better known as Insidmal.  What does Insidmal mean?  Nothing really, just an old name I used to use back in my gaming days, it’s much more unique and easy to find then John Bell, though a bit harder to spell.



Who Am I?

Just some background so you can know who I am (if you care.. if not, feel free to move along, It’ll take a lot more then that to offend me)

I’m John Bell, I am 27 years old and living in Eugene, Oregon. I was a manager at Walmart for 6 years. I started there while I was in school, I started out as a seasonal part time associate and I actually enjoyed my job there so I stayed when they invited to take me on full time and quickly worked my way up the ranks, but as a Manager and seeing the way the company operated I was not pleased.

I finished school with Multimedia Design but also studied a lot in the fields of Computer Programming, Networking, Sociology, Psychology, Theology, and Fine Art. I started my own Web Design & Development business in January of 2008. It was the best decision I have ever made, the connections I have made through my company have really changed my life.

I began also branching out into doing event promotion to help a lot of my clients who are the artist types (some of my favorite types of clients, by the way, they let me be more creative than the business stiffs, no offence to any of you of course) land gigs and shows, and I had a lot of fun doing that, volunteering my time to try and help them succeed.

Most of my work however in Insidmal Design lead to marketing, both traditional and social media.  I have managed social media marketing campaigns and accounts for about half a dozen companies, as well as managing CPA advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords.  I also did a lot of offline marketing and networking working with local companies websites and print ad promotions in local newspapers and magazines.

I eventually co-founded a non profit organization with a team of 3 other business owners called Rockin Realtors. We put on events around town to help raise funding for local charities, usually we gear ourselves towards local food banks as they are hard hit during this recession, but we like to help other non profit organizations as well. The two members who’s initial conception of the idea belonged to were Realtors, hence the name. This is a great break for me because the third partner does all the web work and I get to help organize the events, rally volunteers and donors, and design the fliers. We do this 100% Voluntary and none of us get paid a dime, in fact we all pay out of pocket to run these events but they are for a very good cause and work out very well.

Through my web development business I started meeting more and more people in the niche of affiliate marketing. I met some really amazing people and started to really see the value in this industry. Like a lot of other outsiders I saw it as sort of a schemey slimy type of industry, but I realized through time that it really didn’t have to be that way. I was finally able to leave my job at Walmart in December of 2009, it was my christmas present to myself.

My Sites

Through my online career I have developed a lot of websites for my own personal use, I would like to share some below, in order of release from newest first.

TrafficSwirl.com – Traffic Swirl is a traffic generation system, it’s easy to get more visitors to your website with traffic swirl.  You can purchase hits, or browse sites to earn credits to advertise your site for free. Launched 11/08/2010

Build Your Online Business – This is an ecourse I wrote to help people learn to make money and build their own online business, it covers getting referrals in traffic exchanges, starting your business, finding the right products, branding, list building, effective capture pages, using social media, and CPA (AdWords) Advertising.  It is absolutely free.

TheLTeam.com – The L Team is an online affiliate marketing team who’s primary objective is to help people learn to build their online business the right way while also making money selling the top affiliate products using our unique layer method.  Launched 08/16/2010

John Bell – Design / Marketing – This site focused on different methods for Web Design, Graphics Design, and Marketing, from my perspective and experience. Launched 7/14/2010, it now redirects to this blog.

Insidmal Design’s Affiliate Marketing Toolbox – This is a very basic free resource to aide you in your use with traffic exchanges, it includes an ad rotator, viral banner page, and splash page maker.  Launched 6/28/2010

InsidmalDesign.com – The official page for Insidmal Design LLC Services. Launched – 01/01/2008

Insidmal.com network – this is a very simple portal site, nothing really to it but a search box that allows you to search the insidmal.com network of sites. Launched 1/31/2008