01 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

A HUGE Week for Insidmal Design – Lets Party!!!

There are so many cool things happening this week that it really calls for a party!!

BOTH Traffic Swirl AND Fast Cash and Traffic going on Affiliate Funnel!
IM Loop Integration on ALL ID Sites!

So here is how it is going to go down, all these things are happening this week, so we’re just going to turn it into one big party!

All Week – DOUBLE Credits on Purchases from Traffic Swirl & Fast Cash & Traffic
MondayFast Cash and Traffic‘s Affiliate Funnel Induction!! Start voting TODAY on your members homepage! DOUBLE Tickets on Traffic Swirl! The Ticket Page claim shows every 50 Pages today!
Tuesday250 Tuesday – 5 Winners of $2.50, and 5 winners of 250 Credits – Surf 250 pages at Traffic Swirl today to qualify.
Wednesday –  IM Loop Integration.  Special Prizes for those who sync There ID Accounts with IM Loop Today. $$$ CASH MONEY Prizes on the Swirl Board ? Spots!
ThursdayDOUBLE Swirly Paws Rolls! Get the game twice as often, Win the remaining cash prizes from Wednesday.
Friday – Traffic Swirl Affiliate Funnel Induction!! Start voting TODAY on your members homepage!  5 Surfers who Surf 50 or more pages will win $5! Each! Random Prizes given out all day in the Traffic Swirl Chatbox!

As you can see, this week is kind of a big deal!

What is all this Affiliate Funnel and IM Loop Stuff?

This is some awesome stuff – Being on Affiliate Funnel means that we are now featured on the largest downline builder on the Net.  Our members vote for our traffic exchange, and if we are in the top 20 we are featured in the downline builder.  Being in the downline builder will bring a huge amount of fresh new eyes for your sites so it’s really important to vote for each site daily, you can vote from your members area on each site.

IM Loop Integration is pretty exciting.  We’ve already designed a way for you to sync your ads like your websites, banners, and texts, between all the ID sites with ID Passport, but with IM Loop Integration, we will be syncing your social life!  If you are a free member of IM Loop Social Network, then when you Sync your accounts with the ID sites you will have all of your friends and messages synced with the sites, and with twitter.  Of course this is all optional, but doing so allows you to login to swirl with your IM Loop account, or when you add a friend on Swirl it will add them in IM Loop, or vise versa.  This is really such a huge deal for branding and relationship building, taking your relationships you have made on Swirl and taking them to the next level with Social Networking.